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Welcome to the Blue Book created by our partners, North Somerset Community Partnership, to give support and guidance to care home staff.

It is a nationally-recognised resource for you as carers which we hope will help you support your residents, in particular during the challenge of providing care during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is being shared with care homes across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire as a reference tool; however, if there is any doubt about appropriate treatment or a medical emergency please contact your local GP practice, our Single Point of Access (from 1 April) on 0300 125 6789, NHS111 Online or, in an emergency, call 999.

The book is not intended to be read cover to cover, but you can refer to it at any point – ensuring you only call in support when you need it. It can also help you give your residents the care they require as soon as an issue is identified and prevent deterioration or discomfort for them. The flow charts, tools and diagrams are specifically designed to assist you in delivering quality care around the likely health and medical needs of your residents.

Mary Lewis, Director of Nursing and Quality, Sirona care & health (from 1 April 2020)
Contents and introductory information
Section 1: Frailty
Section 2: Falls
Section 3: Skin
Section 4: Bladder and Bowel
Section 5: Medication
Section 6: Diet and Hydration
Section 7: Mental Health
Section 8: Pain
Section 9: Diabetes
Section 10: Infection Control
Section 11: Mouth
Section 12: Hearing
Section 13: Learning Disabilities
Section 14: End of Life Care
Section 15: Resource Information