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Community Specialist Respiratory Team

This team offers an advice and guidance service for healthcare professionals, including those working in general practice, care homes, the ambulance service and 111.

The number is staffed by specialist nurses and physiotherapists who have access to consultant advice on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Queries could include issues such as a deteriorating NEWS score, managing acute breathlessness, oxygen weaning, management of COPD, non-compliance with medication etc.

Tel: 0333 230 1471
8am-6:30pm, 7 days a week

Please do not leave a voicemail, if clinicians are dealing with a call then you will be required to call back.

For non-urgent enquiries please email this inbox is checked daily. Please note your reply might be the next working day.


Respiratory Consultant Advice Line (North Bristol NHS Trust)

A Respiratory Consultant is available to discuss referrals or offer advice on 07713 391079 Monday to Friday 10am–5pm.

If you need advice about a potential or known pleural patient, please contact the pleural clinical registrar of the day on 07894 803088.


Home Oxygen and Review Service (HOS-AR)

This team also has a Home Oxygen and Review Service (HOS-AR), which is a service which supports the assessment and prescribing of long term oxygen therapy and ambulatory oxygen for people who have chronic hypoxia due to a long term condition such as COPD. Please see the Community Respiratory Service Page on Remedy for further information.

Who to refer;

Patients with a confirmed respiratory diagnosis following a period of clinical stability of 8 weeks, all medically optimised patients (on maximal inhaled therapy, post-pulmonary rehabilitation and following appropriate stop smoking treatment) with saturations <92%). Current smokers are not permitted to have home oxygen.

Please complete the Oxygen Referral Form and email to:

Community Specialist Respiratory Team

0333 230 1471
8am-6:30pm, 7 days a week