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Adult services

Active Ageing

Active Ageing Service: Information about our service
A guide to help you make healthier choices about alcohol as you get older
Hints and tips for helping your memory

Bladder and Bowel

Three day adult bladder diary
14 day adult bladder diary
Abdominal massage
Bladder training
Double voiding
Drinking for a healthy bladder
Nocturnal Polyuria
Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men
Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women
Sphincter exercises
Stress incontinence
Tips on wind and smells
Toilet position

Dementia Advisors

Dementia Advisor Service: Information About Our Services

Falls and Balance

Frailty and Falls Service
Maximising independence: A guide to managing frailty symptoms

Learning Disability

Adult Learning Disability Health Service – Advice & Guidance

Minor Injuries and Urgent Treatment

All urgent care resources
Buckle fracture advice for children
Care of Plaster Casts
Head Injury Advice for Adults
Head Injury Advice in Babies, toddlers and children
How To Treat Your Injured Ankle
How to Treat an Injured Neck
How to treat your injured knee
How to Treat Your Shoulder Injury
How to Treat Your Wrist Injury
Insect Bites and Stings
Your Back and How to Look After It


Community Nursing Team
District Nursing Services


Welcome Skylark Rehabilitation Unit


Supporting you at home after a stroke

Children's services

General information

Health advice

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