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Leaflet: Dermatology Service – Patient Guide

Dermatology Services

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Last updated: June 2020
Next review: June 2022
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What is the Dermatology Service?

The Dermatology Service diagnoses skin conditions and offers support, education and treatment planning for people with chronic skin diseases.

The service treats patients across all areas of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and is available from a number of different clinics.

Who will I see at my appointment?

You will receive an appointment letter that will tell you which clinic you should attend and who you will be seeing at your appointment.

The Dermatology Team is made up of GPs with Extended Role (GPwER) in dermatology, who are able to diagnose skin conditions and perform some forms of skin surgery, and trained dermatology nurses who run clinics for patients for diagnosed skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and actinic keratosis. During these clinics our nurses can plan care and treatment regimes with you, as well as provide emotional support when you need it.

Our nursing team can visit you at home if you are housebound and will also arrange joint visits involving GP practice nurses and /or community nurses to support your treatment if needed.

How long will my appointment be?

Your first appointment will be with either a GP for 20 minutes or with one of the nurses for 60 minutes. Some patients only need one appointment but if you do need a second appointment it will be with a GP for 10 minutes or with one of the nurses for 30 minutes.

What will happen at my appointment?

At your first appointment you will be asked some questions about your symptoms and condition. With your permission, the GP or nurse will examine the affected areas of your body. For this you will be asked to remove some of your clothing. It would be helpful if you could attend the clinic in loose clothing that is easy for you to take off.

The GP or nurse will then explain their findings and diagnosis. If necessary they will also explain your treatment options and what will happen next.

Please can you bring with you any medication you are taking and any treatments you are using, or have previously used, on your skin.

Where we work

The Dermatology Service can be accessed from the areas below.

Your appointment letter will include a map and directions to the clinic you are attending.


  • William Budd Health Centre
  • Greenway Community Practice

North Somerset

South Gloucestershire

  • Downend Clinic
  • Yate Westgate Centre

Contact us

Dermatology Team

T: 01179 449 782

T: 01179 449 783


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