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Leaflet: EMIS Record Sharing


Sirona care & health uses an electronic record system called EMIS. EMIS is used by many healthcare organisations, such as GP practices.
This means that we are able to share individual information electronically, where appropriate to the care you are receiving, and where you have agreed for us to do so.
This leaflet explains the principles of record sharing and how you can either
agree or disagree to share your electronic patient record.

How We Work

The health professional working with you will only ask to see information held about you by other organisations where they feel it will improve the care they can give you. Whenever possible, they will ask for your consent prior to viewing your shared record.
If consent cannot be asked, the Sirona employee will have to record the reason for access before they view your shared record. This information is saved in the EMIS system.
We will only share information with a specific service if you have given permission for us to do so. This is done by local data sharing – an agreement between Sirona and other parties, such as your GP. This makes your record available to other organisations.

Giving Consent

You may be asked to give permission to share your data in the following way:
“Do you consent for Sirona to share information recorded about you via EMIS with GPs who are currently, or have previously, been involved in your care?”
If you answer yes, a GP will be able to view information recorded about you by
Sirona on EMIS. If you answer no, then will they will not.

The Benefits of Giving Consent

Sharing your individual record enables:
• Quick access to relevant information, which leads to fewer delays in the provision of care
• Information held about you to be up to- date and consistent
• Improved communication between healthcare organisations involved in providing your care
• Greater accuracy with a reduced risk of critical information, such as allergies, being missed
• More efficient use of clinical and administrative time with less duplication

The information we may record

The information we may keep about you on EMIS includes:
• Your name, address and date of birth
• Why you need care and treatment
• When, where and by whom you’ve been treated
• What happens during contact with a Sirona employee (for example at an
appointment or clinic)
• Test results and treatment plans
You can change your mind about sharing your information at any time.
However, if you choose not to share your record, this will mean other parties such as your GP will not be able to see any information recorded by Sirona.
This information includes visits performed by a Sirona staff member, documents or messages passed on from other organisations such as hospitals,
treatment plans etc.

Privacy and Information Safety

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, all organisations involved in an individual’s care have a duty to ensure that information held about them is accurate, up-to-date and kept secure at all times.

Further information can be found within our privacy policy on our website:

How long do we keep your information?

All records we hold are subject to the Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care Act 2016 (the Code). The Code sets out best practice guidance on how long we should keep your information before we are able to review and securely dispose of it.

How can I access the information you hold about me?

You have a right to see the information we hold about you, both on paper or electronic, except for information that:

• Has been provided about you by someone else if they haven’t given permission for you to see it

• Relates to criminal offences

• Is being used to detect or prevent crime

• Could cause physical or mental harm to you or someone else

All applications for access to records must be made in writing via email to or by post to:

Data Protection Officer,

Sirona care & health,

Kingswood Civic Centre (2nd Floor),

High Street,


South Gloucestershire

BS15 9TR.

We will request proof of identity before we can disclose personal information.

Date of creation: May 2020

Date of review: May 2022

URN: 0019