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Leaflet: Assistive Technology Service

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Alarm and Pendant

Who is it for?

Our lifeline alarm and pendant system is for anyone that needs extra support and peace of mind so that they can enjoy their independence, and live in their own home, knowing that help is at hand with a press of a button.

How does it work?

If you need help, simply press the button, and through the paired base unit, a call is placed immediately to our experienced, locally based, call centre that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What happens next?

The trained, dedicated operators will then assess the situation and they will either; contact one of your emergency key holders to check on you or call the emergency services if you need immediate medical attention and let your loved ones know.

Fall Detector

Who is it for?

Our Vibby Fall Detector can give confidence to anyone who is at risk of falling and needs extra support and peace of mind to remain in their own home.

How does it work?

The Vibby is designed to automatically detect a serious hard fall and raise an alert to our 24-hour call centre. You can also manually raise an alert by pressing the button on the face of the Vibby. Confirmation that an alert has been raised will be given by an LED light and vibration.

Once activated, the call centre will go through the same process as detailed above for the alarm and pendant system. To cancel an alarm, you must either stand up or cover the Vibby completely with your hand during the 20 second period after a fall is detected. The Vibby will stop vibrating to confirm the alert has been deactivated.

Pager Linked Equipment

PIR Motion Sensor and Pager With the pager and sensor, you can monitor movement in the home and receive an alert to the pager when movement is detected.

The sensor is easily mounted using the supplied Velcro adhesive dots or you can simply place the sensor wherever required i.e., by
the side of the bed. The motion sensor can be triggered up to 8 metres away and has a detection angle of 85 degrees. The pager is portable and lightweight with a strong belt clip for secure attachment.

Call Button and Pager

This kit could not be any easier to use. Simply fit the batteries, switch the pager on and it’s ready to use as a convenient call button. The pager alerts to notifications with audible tone (with volume adjustment) and vibration alert.

Fall Detector and Pager

The kit includes a dual function waterproof pendant with gravity change sensing fall detection. The pager will beep/vibrate when activated by a fall or press and has a wireless operating range of up to 100 metres.

Pillow Switch and Pager

The pillow switch is specifically designed for individuals with limite physical movement who are physically unable to operate a traditional call button system.

Using the supplied safety pin or velcro attachment, the switch is securely fastened to the user’s pillow or wheelchair arm rest and is activated with the lightest of touches using the cheek, head or arm. When activated, an alarm is sent to the pager with tone or vibrate alert. The switch features a smooth and soft foam surface (washable), which is comfortable to operate by the user and includes a protective cover that is removable for washing.

Door Sensor and Pager

This door alarm kit is ideal to monitor individuals who are at risk of wandering. The door sensor works with the pager to wirelessly deliver an instant alert to the pager when a door is opened.

The pager will beep/vibrate when the door is opened and has a wireless operating range of up to 100 metres. Sound Alarm and Pager
This sound detection alarm, with an internal transmitter, signals a vibration alarm pager in response to detected sounds. It is quick and easy to set the sound detection and type of sound levels.

Simply switch both products on, set the required sound level (check with flashing LED) and it’s good to go, portable, compact and battery operated.

Other Available Devices:

Memory Clock

Reminder alarms are easily set for single, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual playback. Up to 20 memory prompting alarms can be created, which can be personalised or chosen from over 100 pre-installed reminder messages.

At alarm time, a pre-alarm tone is played followed by display of your chosen reminder picture with text heading. The clock can connect to home Broadband to enable features such as display of local weather, outdoor temperature, and automatic seasonal time adjustments. Time displays can be changed to suit cognitive ability.

Key Features:
• Can help with daily schedule planning
• Reminders for medications, appointments, home safety etc.
• Change time display format to suit user
• Choose from traditional or digital time displays
• Change screen/font colours
• Display Auto-Dim and manual brightness adjustment
• Selectable hourly chime with function period time setting
• Inclusive remote control and on-device setting buttons
• Play slideshows or films via inserted USB flash drive
• Display of weather forecast with outdoor temperature
• Automatic seasonal time adjustment (when connected to Wi-Fi)

Pivotell Pill Dispenser

An automatic pill dispenser has 28 compartments for medication, and is lockable, so the user doesn’t have access to their medication until the programmed alarm time.

The dispenser will alarm and rotate at the programmed alarm time, presenting the correct dose for the person using. The person using should pick up the dispenser and tip the tablets into their hand, or a cup, and then take the dose. This cancels the alarm sound and the flashing light. The dispenser will not present another medication dose until the next programmed alarm time.

Easy to Use Telephone (Corded)

A user-friendly telephone with six photo dials (including SOS) and two additional memory dial buttons. The extra-loud hands-free button helps people to stay on the phone for longer. Key Features:

• Extra loud ringer
• Six, one-touch photo dial buttons
• Two direct memory dials
• Large dial keys with Braille dots
• Audio Boost for extra loud earpiece volume
• Hearing aid compatible
• Hands-free call intercom

Easy to Use Telephone

An extremely user-friendly walkabout phone with a photo dial charging base with extra-loud ringer and incoming call flashing alert.

Also includes simple answering service and compatibility with accessories such as the intercom doorbell and portable extension ringer.
Key Features:
• Large backlit display
• Four photo dial memory buttons
• Easy dialling large keypad
• Extra-loud ringer
• Handset earpiece volume boost
• 30-minute recording answer machine with slow playback
• Hearing aid compatible

GPS Tracker

Our standard tracker is integrated with an SOS button and fall detector and there is also a Geo Fence option, which means that you can be notified if the person leaves a certain perimeter.

The tracker comes with a sim, which would then be topped up the same way as a mobile phone (once purchased it is your responsibility to top up the sim). The tracker is linked to a smart phone so that it can be monitored. The smart phone will then be notified if the tracker has a low battery or if credit is needed. The tracker can be worn in the same way as a lanyard or can be worn around the wrist, like a watch.

Key Features Include:
• Free to use personal secure web tracking account
• GPS location accurate to 15 Metres
• Fall detection sensors – detected fall activates phone call and
location text
• SOS contact button sends location text to emergency contact
list and or voice call
• Indoor location tracking via Wi-Fi detection
• Two-way mobile voice calling
• Fall activation warning with cancel button
• Journey history review
• Talking clock function

PIR Light

The advanced PIR sensor detects motion up to 4 meters away and the 3 Super Bright LED’s will remain on as long as there is a presence in the beam, automatically switching off 20 seconds after movement ceases.

The multi-functional light can be removed from the fitting to use as a hand-held torch and the light itself rotates 360 degrees, independently from the base to ensure an accurate direction of light.

Epilepsy Sensors

We have a range of epilepsy bed sensors available to hire or purchase. They can be programmed with selectable seizure modes and personalised to specifically suit an individual’s seizure type. Also available to link into our monitored alarm systems.

Other products

This is not an exhaustive list of products. If there is anything else you are looking for, please contact the team to see how we can
support you.

T: 0300 125 6899