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Leaflet: Bringing Food into Hospital

Nutrition and Dietetics

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Last updated: August 2018
Next review: August 2020
URN: 453

Sirona care & health has a duty of care towards its patients. This includes all aspects of food safety.

We offer a choice of healthy, balanced meals and snacks with hot and cold drinks. Special diets can be catered for, and are arranged through our ward dietitian.

Food gifts such as fruit, confectionery, and flavoured drinks are traditionally taken to hospital by relatives/friends and are greatly appreciated by the patients who receive them. It is however important that we ensure all food gifts are suitable and safe. This is to minimise risk of infection and allergic reactions as well as checking the food is suitable for the patient (due to medical conditions or drug-nutrient reactions with the patient’s medication).

Bringing in food from home is not encouraged, although if you feel your relative/friend would benefit from a food gift please check with ward staff first.

Please do not bring in:

  • Raw or cooked meat or fish
  • Eggs or egg based dishes
  • Ice cream

*Please note ward staff cannot reheat food. Sirona will not accept any responsibility for food safety or provide storage or reheating facilities for such food.