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Leaflet: Buckle Fracture Advice for Children

What is a Buckle Fracture?
Young bone is still soft and very flexible. For this reason it is more likely to bend rather than break following an impact. This can result in a bulge in a bone instead of a complete break called a buckle fracture. They heal well and quickly with little chance of re injury and will not cause long term problems.

Buckle fractures are treated with a splint to make them more comfortable and reduce the chances of further injury. The splint should be worn day and night for 3 weeks and should only be removed for washing. Sporting activity should be avoided for a further 3 weeks (a total of 6 weeks) to avoid risk of re-injury.

Pain Relief
It is important that your child received appropriate doses of Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to help with the pain as it will still be sore for a short period, even with the splint. Please read and follow the dosage instructions on the packet or bottle carefully.

How long does it take to get better?
If after 3 weeks the wrist is a little sore and stiff after use, the splint can be re-applied for comfort but for short periods only, it is best to start gently using the arm as normally as possible from now on.
If the child removes the splint before 3 weeks and appears to be comfortable and can use their arm freely, then there is no reason to force them to wear the splint for the full 3 weeks.

When to seek help
Under normal circumstances you child will not need to be seen again regarding the injury, However, if after 3 weeks the wrist still seems very sore, swollen or your child is not willing to use it, contact your GP to create a follow up.

Contact us
Our minor injury and urgent treatment centres support the local community with urgent minor injuries and/or illnesses. They are led by our specialist emergency nurse practitioners, who are fully trained in both adult and paediatric care.
They are walk-in centres so you don’t need an appointment or a referral – you can just arrive at the centre during opening hours. These centres are not appropriate for life-threatening injuries or serious illnesses.

Bristol Urgent Treatment Centre
Minor injuries and illnesses
Open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week
South Bristol NHS Community Hospital
Hengrove Promenade
Hengrove, Bristol BS14 0DE
T: 0300 124 6260

Yate Minor Injury Unit
Minor injuries only
Open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week
Yate West Gate Centre
21 West Walk, Yate BS37 4AX
T: 0300 125 6800

Clevedon Minor Injury Unit
Minor injuries only
Open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week
North Somerset Community Hospital
Old Street, Clevedon BS21 6BS
T: 01275 546852

In an emergency:

Southmead Hospital – 0117 4145100
Bristol Children’s Hospital – 0117 3428666
Royal United Hospital, Bath – 01225 824391

Visit the Minor Injuries Unit webpage for more information about this service.

This leaflet can be provided in other formats and languages, please contact us for more information.

Date of creation: July 2020
Date of review: July 2022
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