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Leaflet: District Nursing Services – Information for you

The District Nursing Service

Our District Nursing Teams provide non-emergency nursing care to housebound people in settings such as a person’s home and residential homes.

What is meant by ‘housebound’?

A person is housebound if they cannot leave their home at all, or if they require significant assistance to leave the house. This may be due to illness, frailty, surgery, disability, mental ill health, or because they are nearing the end of life. A person who is housebound would be unable to receive their healthcare in a GP practice or clinic. A person is not housebound if they are able to leave their home environment with minimal assistance. This includes the ability to use a wheelchair with no/minimal support, access to transport via relatives/friends, or the ability to use a taxi or community transport (eg Dial-a-Ride). A person who is not housebound would be able to attend a GP practice or clinic to receive their healthcare.

The District Nursing team consists of day, evening and overnight teams that include a Team Leader, Staff Nurses and Health Care Assistants. We regularly have Student Nurses working with the teams.

What to expect from the District Nursing Service

  • You will receive an initial assessment by a nurse who will identify with you what your health needs are and identify whether other services are required to assist with meeting those needs. We will plan your care with you to best meet your needs.
  • You will be provided with a green folder containing details about the service, contact details and your agreed plans of care. Please keep the folder in a safe place. Electronic records are also kept regarding your needs and care.
  • We encourage independence where possible, helping you and your carer to develop knowledge, skills and confidence. Our role also includes teaching you and/or family to self-care wherever possible.
  • We will arrange a date for your visit, but we are not always able to provide a specific time slot unless for medication reasons, a timed visit is essential.
  • The evening and overnight Nurse covering your area will provide advice over the phone or visit you if your need is more urgent. Please refer to the contact details in your green folder.

What the District Nursing Service expects from you

  • When a member of staff visits you we would be grateful if you could make available liquid antibacterial soap in a pump dispenser and paper towels, such as kitchen roll.
  • If you are a smoker, we would request that you do not smoke when we are present in your home. If possible provide us with a smoke-free room to work in.
  • If you have any pets, we would appreciate if these are placed in another room when we visit you.
  • If you have diarrhoea, vomiting or flu please contact the District Nurse beforehand as we may need to rearrange the time of your visit to reduce the risk of cross infection

This leaflet can be provided in other formats and languages, please contact us for more information.

Date of creation: 09/05/2018.
Date of review: 09/05/2020.
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