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Leaflet: Foot and Ankle Excercises

• Try these exercises at least three times a week
• Expect to feel a gentle stretching sensation whilst doing these exercises.
• Don’t let this put you off. It is just a sign that your muscles are working.

diagram of tip toe excercise

1. Tip-Toe Tense
Stand behind a chair.
Raise yourself up to stand tall on your tip-toes.
Hold for 5 seconds and then relax.
Use the back of the chair for support if needed.
Repeat 10-15 times with both legs.

diagram of flamingo tip toe excercise

2. Flamingo Tip -Toe Tense
Stand on one leg.
Repeat the Tip-Toe Tense above.
Use the back of the chair for support.
Repeat 5 times with both legs.

diagram of foot picking up marbles

3. Toe Grip Challenge
Sit in a chair and use your toes to pick up small objects such as marbles.
Place the objects, one by one, into a container using your toes.

diagram of standing heel raise

4. Standing Heel Raise
Stand with your feet wide apart and knees bent.
Put your hands on your knees or on your waist.
Lift one heel off the floor.
Put it down again.
Repeat 10 times with each foot.

diagram of ankle rotations

5. Ankle Rotations
Move your ankle around slowly in a large circle
Repeat in the opposite direction.
Repeat this 10 times with both feet.

diagram of seated person holding foot

6. Ankle Pull
Sit on a chair. Cross one ankle over the other knee.
Place your hand on the top of your foot and stretch your ankle by gently pulling your toes down.
Hold for 20 seconds.
Feel the stretch in your shin.
Repeat 3 times with both feet.

diagram of seated person raising leg and flexing foot

7. Toe Pull
Raise one leg in front of you.
Pull your toes towards you as far as possible.
Hold for 4 seconds.
Repeat with the other leg.

diagram of foot flexing up and down from the ankle

8. Ankle Stretch
If you can, lift your foot from the floor.
Pull your toes up toward you.
Now point your toes down towards the floor.
Repeat 10 times with both ankles.

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Date of creation: February 2021
Date of review: February 2023
Ref: 0234