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Leaflet: Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Use Advice Sheet

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Workstation Set Up: Key Tips

  • Set seat height: knees approximately at right angles and hips just above knees.
  • Ensure your feet are flat on the floor. If they aren’t then you will need to place something under them.
  • Adjust the back rest (height and tilt) to support your back.
  • Forearms parallel to the desk.
  • Screen approximately arms-length from you.
  • Top of the screen approximately at eye-level.

Avoiding DSE related problems

  • Change position regularly – aim to stretch/change position every 40-60 minutes. Consider use of a timer.
  • Walk more – go for a walk at lunch; park the car a bit further away to ensure you are walking more.
  • Set up your workstation correctly each time you begin work at the desk.
  • Take allocated breaks and use the opportunity to walk or change position.
  • Avoid holding phone between your ear and shoulder.
  • Vary tasks where possible to avoid prolonged repetitive work.

Using a Laptop: Key Tips

  • Where possible, set up as per workstation tips above.
  • Consider raising laptop and using external keyboard/mouse if difficulty looking down to type.
  • Break up periods of laptop work regularly.