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Eating and Drinking Webinar Video

Nutritional Management when supporting people with eating and drinking difficulties

Bringing food into hospital
Sirona care & health

Eating well: tips for everyone
Malnutrition Task Force

Nutrition checklist
Produced in collaboration between the Patients’ Association and the Malnutrition Task Force – also available as an accessible video.

End of life

Nutrition and end of life care
Malnutrition Task Force

Carer information: Eating and drinking at end of life
British Dietetic Association

Older and vulnerable people living at home

Guide to good nutrition and hydration in older age
British Dietetic Association

Basic store cupboard ideas to support older adults in the community
British Dietetic Association

Food fact sheet: Vitamin D
British Dietetic Association

General information

Food fact sheets from the British Dietetic Association (BDA)
These are written by dietitians, and are available to view and download.  They cover a range of topics such as osteoporosis and diet, calcium, vitamin D, fibre, and healthy eating.

NHS website
Health advice and information, tips on living well and more