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Leaflet: Hydration boosters

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Last updated: September 2020
Next review: September 2022
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Most people should aim to drink 1600–2000ml (around 6-8 glasses) of fluid per day to stay hydrated unless advised otherwise by a doctor or specialist nurse. If you find it difficult to increase the amount you drink, try opting for foods high in moisture to maintain good hydration status.

Did you know?… Around 20% of our daily fluid intake comes from within our food!

Sweet options:

2 tablespoons of cream 30ml
Fromage frais (60g) 50ml
2 pineapple rings 70ml
Ice lolly (70g) 70ml
Stewed apple (85g) 75ml
2 scoops of ice cream 75ml
Small bowl of porridge (110g) 80ml
Custard (120g) 90ml
Yoghurt (125g) 95ml
Tinned fruit cocktail (115g) 100ml
Jelly (120g) 100ml
Instant whip (120g) 120ml
Serve cereal with milk 125ml
1 slice of melon 140ml
Rice pudding (200g) 160ml

Savoury options:

Houmous dip (50g) 30ml
1 boiled egg 40ml
Serving of gravy 50ml
1 chicken drumstick (90g) 50ml
2 celery sticks 55ml
2 tablespoons of cottage cheese 60ml
2 tablespoons of mashed potato 70ml
3 tablespoons of mushy peas 70ml
Cauliflower cheese (90g) 70ml
4 florets of broccoli 75ml
1 tomato (85g) 80ml
Scrambled eggs with milk (120g) 80ml
3 tablespoons of baked beans 90ml
Side salad (100g) 90ml
Small tin of soup (300g) 265ml
Top tip: Choosing fluid-rich meals or serving foods with a sauce can help improve your fluid intake. See our ‘Keeping Hydrated’ resource for more Top tip hydration advice.