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Leaflet: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Team

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Outpatient Team

The Physiotherapy Service in South Gloucestershire  is a well established service, dedicated to helping you manage your condition.

The Service has expertise in areas such as  ‘hands-on’ therapy, sports injury management and rehabilitation, exercise prescription and pilates. Your appointment will be in purpose built premises at the heart of the community, with a gym area for rehabilitation and class based activities. We have excellent relationships with local GPs, Consultants and other health care providers allowing us to refer you to other services  should you require their input to achieve your potential recovery.

Your initial assessment with us will last up to 45 minutes and your Physiotherapist will fully evaluate  your problem. This will involve the Physiotherapist asking you questions about your problem and then a physical assessment with your consent.

Please wear appropriate clothing for the area of the  body the Physiotherapist will need to assess. For example shorts for a knee problem or a vest top for neck or shoulder problem. You can bring clothes to change into as there are adequate changing facilities.

After the session, your Physiotherapist will explain the likely cause of your symptoms/problem. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss treatment options. Often you will be provided with advice and exercises to do at home to improve your symptoms. We strive to provide everyone with individualised treatment to meet their specific needs.

Follow-up treatment sessions will last up to 30 minutes and may be individual or group-based session, depending on your needs.

The number and frequency of these sessions will  depend on your problem and response to treatment.

Currently the service is open Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm.

Additional Information

93% of those in our care tell us that they made a significant improvement with our input and they were very satisfied with our service.

96% of people in our recent survey would recommend us to a family member or a friend. Our regular surveys allow us to reflect on feedback to shape the future changes to our service.

If you have any special needs you would like to discuss with us before your appointment, please contact the department (see numbers overleaf).

Everyone is given the opportunity to feedback to us about our service and help us make changes to improve the experience for people. This can be done either informally in our local comments boxes or via our regular satisfaction survey.

Physiotherapists in training

We provide clinical experience for student  Physiotherapists. A qualified Physiotherapist closely supervises each student Physiotherapist. Please advise us if you have any concerns regarding this.

Your responsibility

Physiotherapy services are in great demand but every week many people fail to keep their appointments. This makes waiting lists longer than they need to be.

We therefore operate a strict, but fair discharge policy as detailed below.

If you fail to attend the Group Session, without giving prior notice, you will be discharged from our service – your referring medical professional will be informed of this.

If you fail to attend a follow up appointment and do not contact the department within 5 days, you will be discharged.

You will also be discharged if you repeatedly change follow-up appointments at short notice.

If you need to change a follow-up appointment, please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to help you. Please call at least 24 hours before the appointment time.

Please tell us if you no longer need to keep this appointment.

We need to keep our records up-to-date and this includes your address and telephone number (home/mobile/work). Please let us know if your personal details change just is in case we need to contact you at any time.

You have the right to decline treatment at any point in your episode of care, without prejudicing your future care.

For more information: t: 0300 124 5300*



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