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Sirona needs you!

By 1st November 2017March 18th, 2019No Comments

People in the communities served by Sirona care & health are wanted by the team to work with them to help shape services now and for the future.

Individuals, families and carers often know the services well and have ideas on what could make them even better, says Sirona’s chairman Simon Knighton, pictured.

He said: “We have always said that it is those who use their services that should most influence how they are shaped and delivered and as part of this we want to bring together a number of people who have experience of the services we provide or whose friends or loved ones have received support.”

The not-for-profit social enterprise which runs community health and care services in South Gloucestershire, parts of Bristol and residential care in Bath and North East Somerset wants to hear about the experiences people have had or wish to have.

Simon added: “We want people to be our critical friends both in terms of what we currently do and when we are developing plans for new services or exploring changes to existing services. Above all we want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you.

“Sirona is about making a difference to individuals and to communities and we want people in those communities to be part of that and be part of our Forum.”

The Forum will meet for the first time in the New Year and will itself determine how it thinks it can best influence service planning and delivery including how often it will meet; the type of meetings; how to engage with a wider group of people and any other areas it wishes to explore.

Involvement is voluntary but Sirona will pay travelling expenses. If you would like to get involved you can pick up a card at clinics or email