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Clinician launches autism film set in India

By 6th August 2020August 14th, 2020No Comments

One of our clinicians is this weekend launching the trailer of a film she has co-produced and created a story line, a dramatisation of bringing up a child with autism and the determination of a parent to identify their child’s strengths.

Consultant Community Paediatrician, Dr Saraswati Hosdurga, has made the film with award winning Indian director Chethan Mundadi.

The film is called “Varnapatala (Spectrum)” and is filmed in the Kannada language with English subtitles.

Dr Hosdurga said: “I am passionate about children and young people with autism and while autism is a global problem, this condition is less well known in some countries, such as India.

“I wanted to create awareness about autism in India and I thought the best way to get this positive message across would be in a film rather than a documentary.

“Having worked with children and young people with autism, I felt able, with others, to bring the reality of the issue to the screen.”

The film’s title translates as Spectrum and represents the idea that if the right input is given to children and young people with autism, then rainbows can be the output from them.

This concept reflects our core values, Taking it Personally, where we treat everyone who comes into contact with us as we would our own loved ones.

The film is produced by Dr Hosdurga and Kavitha Santhosh based in Bengaluru, India. 

The movie is already shortlisted for the UK Asian Film Festival, but the launch of the film has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

The virtual online trailer launch is on Saturday 8th August at 2.30PM BST in a Zoom event which will include the director, actors and the movie crew, to join click here.