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Attention and Listening


Attention and Listening

A child’s attention and listening skills can affect all areas of their learning, particularly their speech, language, and communication development. If a child is finding it hard to listen and concentrate, they may have difficulty understanding what is being said to them, developing their play skills, joining in conversations, staying on topic, and tuning into different speech sounds.

What should I expect at different ages?

You can use these resources from Speech and Language UK to find out how children typically develop:

What can I do top tips:

  • Chatting together, playing together, sharing books together and singing together can help with attention and listening as well as language development. Visit our ‘Talk to Me’ section for ideas to help you make the most of your ’together time.’
  • Visit our Talking Tunes webpage for more information on using songs and rhymes to help your child learn words.

Top Tips for Attention and Listening

View complete list of top tips and resources

What can I do resources:

More information and getting help:

  • You can talk to us about your child’s speech and language development via our Early Years Telephone Advice Lines. 
  • You can find details of our advice lines, referral information or how to contact us on our Service page
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