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Community Paediatric Disability Psychology Service (internal only)


Who is the service for?

This is an internal service which only Sirona professionals can refer into.

We work with children, young people and their families referred internally with high emotional distress, which is related to physical disabilities.

The service is for Bristol and South Gloucestershire only. It does not currently cover North Somerset.

This is a very small service, with only four days of clinician time per week in total. This service currently includes some Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy time.

What we do

A large proportion of our work is dedicated to supporting parents and carers to emotionally come to terms with, and adjust to, their child’s complex needs.

We also support children and young people with their own emotional wellbeing and adjustment.

If you have any queries about our service, please email the team at


Click on a link below to view a list of resources on the following subjects:

Bluebell Care

Support parents’ mental health and well-being during pregnancy, birth, and up until two years after your child is born.

Mothers for Mothers

Telephone and text support, home visiting, support groups and one to one support.


Supports families with children who are affected by a neurological condition e.g. Cerebral palsy, epilepsy, developmental delay.

Ups and Downs South West

A support charity for children and young people with Downs Syndrome and their parents and carers.


Nurture groups for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


Supports children, young people and adults with sensory impairment and their families.


Provides a helpline for free and impartial advice on issues that matter to disabled people and their families.

Dingley’s Promise

Ideas and guidance for parents and carers of young children (0-5) with various additional needs and disabilities.

Affinity Hub

Emotional support and resources for parents of children with special needs.

Family Lives

Family Lives provides targeted early intervention and crisis support to families.

WECIL Navigators

WECIL is a charity for disabled people. Navigators help you to access the support and advice that’s right for you.

Boy in motorised wheelchair.

Information and signposting

Most children and young people with physical disabilities have their needs met by other services including community paediatricians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, speech and language therapists and early years practitioners.

You can find out more about whether your child may be eligible for the Physical Disability Psychology Service by talking to any Sirona professionals supporting your child.

Child and parent support, including emotional wellbeing and neurodiversity

Information about neurodiversity, child mental health and emotional wellbeing, Special Educational Needs, and parent/carer support can be found on our advice and signposting page:

Getting help

Schools, families and non-Sirona professionals are not able to refer to the physical disability psychology service. If you think your child may need and be eligible for the service, please talk to one of the Sirona professionals currently caring for your child.

Getting more help (more extensive goal-based help)

The needs of some children and young people with physical disabilities goes beyond that which can be held by the physical disability psychology service. In these instances, the clinician allocated to your child will explain the options for onward referral to other services.

I am a professional...

Only Sirona services can refer into the Physical Disability Psychology Service.

If you are a Sirona professional, you can download the form here. This form also contains details of the referral criteria.

The service can provide:

  • Consultation to Sirona professionals working in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
  • Direct work with eligible children (and their families), as long as they are open to a Sirona professional in children’s services.
  • Please specify which you are asking for on the referral form.
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