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Deafness (EY)



Deaf children may have difficulties with language, speech sounds and/or communication. Speech and language therapists can help deaf children meet their full potential by working alongside families and other professionals, such as audiologists, teachers of the deaf, and early years professionals.

What should I expect at different ages?

You can use these resources from Speech and Language UK to find out how children typically develop:

If your child has a Teacher of the Deaf (TOD), they can help to monitor language development and can contact the Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service if they have concerns. For more information for support across Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire contact: Sensory support service (

What can I do top tips:

For more information, ideas and tips, here are some useful resources and websites:

Talk to your baby Deafness team Sirona

Talk to your early years child Deafness team (Sirona)

More Information & Getting Help:

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