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Early Years Speech & Language Therapy resources

Early Years Speech and Language Therapy resources


Talk to Me campaign

You can support your child’s language development by chatting, singing, playing and reading to them throughout the day. Our Talk To Me campaign offers tips on ways to interact with your child so they can develop their communication skills.

Making time to chat, play, share books and sing together with your child will support their language development and can be lots of fun too. When is your best ‘together time’? 

More ideas, fun tips, and useful links:

Here are some useful websites for more information, ideas, and fun tips:  

Top tips leaflets:

Chat with me! A5 card

Play with me! A5 card

Share books with me! A5 card

Sing to Me! A5 card

Talk to me ‘Together Time’ leaflet

Talk to Me! A3 poster

Talk to Me! A4 poster

Early Years Speech and Language Therapy Toolkit

Communication is a complex skill, which begins to develop even before a baby is born.  There are many areas of development that build together, for your child to become a confident communicator.

To find out how speech, language and communication develops watch this short information video: Language Development Steps video.

Attention and Listening


Understanding language

Expressive Language

Speech Sounds

Social Communication and Interaction


Eating and Drinking

Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Selective (Situational) Mutism



Continuing Professional Development

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