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Health Visiting Service

Health Visiting


Who is the service for?

The health visiting service across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire is made up of Health Visitors, Public Health Nurses, Community Nursery Nurses and Administrators who work in local communities with children and families from the antenatal period until they go to school. The service offers support for parents of all children (from pregnancy to age five).

What we do

The Health Visiting Team offers support to parents to maximise the health and wellbeing of their family through discussion about their health needs and strengths, building supportive family relationships and engaging in wider community services and support.

We offer this in a variety of ways such as home visits, providing guidance and holding baby hubs in your local community that can be accessed from antenatal up until your child starts school.

You can find out more about the support offered by our Health Visiting Team in this video.

You may be in contact with any of the following:

Health Visitors

Health Visitors are qualified nurses or midwives with a specialist qualification in public health for children, young people and families. They work alongside families offering support and information around parenthood and early parenting. Their training in public health enables them to provide evidence-based support and information on a wide range of topics that can affect the health and wellbeing of families.

Public Health Nurses

Registered nurses or midwives who work within the health visiting team to support children and families.

Student Health Visitors

Registered Nurses or midwives who are training to be health visitors. They work alongside health visitors and the team. You may see them with a health visitor or alone dependent on where they are in their training.

Community Nursery Nurses

Community Nursery Nurses also work alongside families using their knowledge of child development to help support parents to understand their child’s behaviour, build a loving relationship with their child and enjoy their parenting journey.


Administrators work within health visiting teams to ensure the service runs smoothly. Administrators will call you to book appointments and you may also see them at some of our baby hubs.

When we see you

As a family you will be offered appointments with the health visiting team, starting with an appointment before you have your baby.

Click the sections below to learn more about each visit and watch a video explaining the support we offer.

Antenatal visit

Your midwife will let us know that you are expecting a new baby and the health visiting team will arrange a suitable appointment with you to see you at home between 28 and 34 weeks.  This is a good opportunity to find out how the health visiting service can support you and the local support and groups that are available in your area for families.


New Baby Review:

When your baby is around 10-14 days old your health visitor will visit you at home to support you with feeding  and caring for your baby and adjusting to having a new family member.


6-8 week review:

Your health visitor will visit you to discuss how things are going and how you are feeling. It’s an opportunity to share how you are adjusting as a family and explore your relationship with your baby and support needs.


9-12 month review:

An opportunity for you to discuss how your child explores their environment and builds communication skills and relationships through play. It’s also helpful to think about the community groups, outdoor spaces and services that your family may find helpful at this age.


2-2.5 year development review:

This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s development with a Health Visitor, to think about their emerging personality and how they communicate their needs and develop relationships with other.



Click on a link below to view a list of resources for the following subjects:

Health Visiting service

Find out what support our Health Visiting service offers and how to contact the teams.

List of drop in Baby Hubs

Details of venues, dates and times for Baby Hubs across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home‐visiting (MECSH)

A home visiting programme providing professional support for you and your family as your baby grows and develops.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Service

Problems with your pelvic floor are very common during and after pregnancy. Get help and support from the Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Team.

Start for Life Bristol

Resources for new parents and parents to be.

Getting the best start to life South Gloucestershire

Lists of services in South Gloucestershire which can support parents of young children.

Parents and family support North Somerset

Lists of services in North Somerset which can support parents of young children.

Bristol Family Hubs

Family Hubs offer information, advice and help to all families in Bristol. They run activities and support you and your family to access services and information both at our Family Hub centres and online.

Supporting healthy family relationships

A video by Bristol Family Hubs and Bristol City Council about resolving family conflict.

Soothing your baby

What to keep in a medicines cupboard video

Dad holding baby at baby hub,

Information and signposting

Baby hubs

You can drop into any of the Baby Hubs across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire where you can chat to members of the health visiting team and meet other parents. Staff will be able to offer support with feeding your baby and baby scales are available for you to use. A list of the Baby Hubs we run can be found under the Resources section on this page.


  • Baby Buddy Whether you’re a mum, dad, co-parent or caregiver, Baby Buddy can empower you to feel confident, giving you the knowledge and practical skills to look after yourself and give your child the best start.
  • DadPad/Co-parent pad – The essential guide for new dads and co-parents.

Children’s Centres 

Accessed via your local authority website (Bristol/North Somerset/South Gloucestershire). Services vary by area but may include antenatal or postnatal groups, infant massage and one-to-one support.

Bristol Children’s Centres

Start For Life Bristol

Bristol Family Hubs

North Somerset Children’s Centres

South Gloucestershire Children’s Centres

Getting help

Our Health Visiting teams can also be contacted on:

  • Bristol North: 0300 125 6278
  • Bristol South: 0300 125 6264
  • Bristol East and Central: 0300 125 6274
  • North Somerset: 0300 125 5060
  • South Glos: 0300 125 5200

Getting more help (more extensive goal-based help)

During your time with the Health Visiting team there may be a need to refer on to other services. We will work with you to complete any forms that are required to make sure that the service understands your situation and the support you need.

I am a professional...

Professionals can contact Health Visiting teams using the numbers below for advice and support:

  • Bristol North: 0300 125 6278
  • Bristol South: 0300 125 6264
  • Bristol East and Central: 0300 125 6274
  • North Somerset: 0300 125 5060
  • South Glos: 0300 125 5200
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