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Children’s Community Neurodisability Service


Who is the service for?

We work with children and young people that have neurological or neuromuscular or neurodegenerative conditions. Some of these children will have diagnoses such as cerebral palsy or a genetic condition, others will not have a known diagnosis.

What we do

The team includes clinicians with different specialities working together to:

  • Provide an understanding of children’s developmental difficulties and diagnoses and to discuss these with families.
  • Provide specialist assessments.
  • Make recommendations for the management of a child’s therapy and medical needs.
  • Liaise with other healthcare services to provide care.


Click on a link below to view a list of resources for the following subjects:

Two children with special educational needs hugging.

Information and signposting

You can find information about the children’s community neurodisability service in our leaflet library, in the resources below, or find more help via these external links.

If you are a parent or carer concerned your child may have a neurodisability, please see the NHS website first. This contains more information about motor development.

Parent carer forums can also provide additional support:

Getting help

If you are still worried about your child’s development it would be best to speak to your  Health Visitor or GP to work out if a referral to our service is needed.

If you have a specific concern about your child’s movement, or ability to undertake everyday tasks, please call our Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Helpline, which is available every Thursday between 9am and 12pm on 07917 393196.

If you are concerned about your child’s swallow, feeding or speech development, please see our speech and language therapy page for more information and contact details.

Getting more help (more extensive goal-based help)

We accept referrals for children who may have neurological conditions, such as children with delayed motor skills or poor muscle tone.

If your child is referred to the neurodisability team, they will be assessed by our team of clinicians with different specialities. This may happen at the first appointment, or following an appointment with a single professional.

The team includes:

  • a Community/Neurodisability Paediatrician
  • a Physiotherapist
  • an Occupational Therapist
  • a Speech and Language Therapists (depending on case).

We aim to see children within six weeks of the referral. You may be seen jointly by community paediatrics and therapists or separately.

Within 12 weeks of the assessment the team will review the assessments and provide feedback to the family. Ongoing care will be based on your  child’s needs and recommendations may be made about additional support.

I am a professional...

See the Motor Disorders and Developmental Co-ordination Disorder REMEDY pages for more information about making a referral to our service.

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