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Speech Sounds (EY)


Speech Sounds

What’s the difference between speech and language?

Video: Sorting Out Sounds part 1

Speech sounds are the sounds we use to make words. Many young children simplify trickier sounds (e.g., saying ‘tat’ instead of ‘cat.’) Most children’s speech will naturally become clearer with time, and as their language skills develop (words and sentences).

What should I expect at different ages?

To find out how children typically develop:

What can I do top tips:

Top Tips for Unclear Speech

Top tips for Sound bag 

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What can I do resources:

More Information & Getting Help:

  • You can talk to us about your child’s speech and language development via our Early Years Telephone Advice Lines. 
  • You can find details of our advice lines, referral information or how to contact us on our Service page
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