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Stammering (EY)



Stammering, also sometimes referred to as stuttering, is a relatively common speech difference in childhood. For some people it can continue into adulthood. Stammering can include repeating sounds or syllables, for example, saying “mu-mu-mu-mummy”; making sounds longer, for example, “mmmmmmummy”; words ‘getting stuck’ or not coming out at all. There may also be an increase in body tension and volume (loudness). The level of stammering varies from person to person, and from situation to situation. Someone might have periods of stammering followed by times when they do not stammer much at all.

What can I do top tips:

  • For useful tips to support a child who has a stammer, please watch this short video.

Stammering advice for parents of under 5s v2

View complete list of top tips and resources

What can I do resources:

For more information, ideas, and resources to support a child who has a stammer, you may find the following websites, advice sheets and leaflets useful:

More Information & Getting Help:

  • You can talk to us about your child’s speech and language development via our Early Years Telephone Advice Lines. 
  • You can find details of our advice lines, referral information or how to contact us on our Service page
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