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Talking Tunes


Talking Tunes – Top Tips for Singing Together

  • Find toys or everyday objects that you can use as props in your songs.
  • Being face-to-face with each other, can help you see each and enjoy the songs together.
  • Singing the songs slowly will help your child to hear and learn new words.
  • Try to pause and wait to let your child to have a turn and join in. (e.g., ‘The wheels on the bus go……’)
  • Make up your own song or use any tune your child likes. Try singing about whatever you are both doing together.
  • Your child will love to hear you sing throughout the day in whatever language is best for you.

Top Tips for Singing Together

Song sheets

All Songs – Song pack

Bubbles Song

Tickle Song

Here We Go Up! Song

Balloon Song

Hat Song

Baby Song

Clap Clap Song

Change Your Nappy Song

Out and About Song

Bath Time Song

Washing Hands Song 

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