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Heart Function and Failure

Community Heart Failure and Heart Function pathway: COVID-19 update

In line with national guidance in relation to COVID-19 pandemic, we are now in a position where we need to prioritise urgent care. This means:

  • All clinics have been suspended and we are not currently offering routine appointments. Support for existing patients will be offered over the phone and, where appropriate, video conferencing.
  • We are still accepting referrals from health care professionals. All referrals will be triaged by a clinician. A clinical advice line is also being offered – please click ‘Find out more’ for more information.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide advice to patients who have not already had a review from a specialist within the service, but we are happy to discuss your case with your GP. You may also find the websites Pumping Marvellous, British Heart Foundation and Heart Failure Matters useful.

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Heart failure means that the heart is unable to pump blood around the body properly. It usually occurs because the heart has become too weak or stiff.

Heart failure does not mean your heart has stopped working. It just needs some support to help it work better.

It can occur at any age, but is most common in older people. Heart failure is a long-term condition that tends to get gradually worse over time. It cannot usually be cured, but the symptoms can often be controlled for many years.

Our Heart Function and Failure teams are led by specialist nurses who provide a range of services, including assessment, monitoring and ongoing support. To access this service you’ll need to be referred by a healthcare professional.

A blood pressure machine strapped to a male arm.

Heart Failure

Bristol and South Gloucestershire

A blood pressure machine strapped to a male arm.

Heart Function

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