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Migrant health

Our Migrant Health services support local migrant communities. We want to make sure everyone living in the area has equal access to healthcare, regardless of the language they speak, their culture, nationality, religion or belief.

The Haven helps asylum seekers and new refugees access health services and other services they need. Health Links aims to improve access to healthcare for adults and children whose first language is not English, providing an interpreting, language support and advocacy service. Our nurse-led TB team supports people being investigated or treated for tuberculosis (TB) and provides advice to healthcare professionals.

Service provided by Sirona
A male holding his hands across his knee's

Health Links


A male holding his hands across his knee's

The Haven

Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Close up of half a male face coughing into his hand which is fist shaped.

Tuberculosis (TB) Nurse

Bristol and South Gloucestershire