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Who is this service for?

People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes across the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area.

Our aim is to provide information and guidance to enable people to self-manage their condition and live the life they want to lead.

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What we do

Type 1 diabetes courses

Food Freedom

Based on the national BERTIE course, this three day education course will teach you how to adjust your insulin dose according to your food intake (akin to the national DAFNE course). Run one day a week for three weeks by a dietitian and diabetes specialist nurse, the course will provide accurate information about diabetes to help you self-manage your condition. The course will enable opportunities to talk to and learn from other people with type 1 Diabetes.  There is an expectation of attending all three days of a course.

Type 2 diabetes courses

Living with Diabetes

This session is for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the last 18 months.  The session explores how type 2 diabetes affects your body and how lifestyle changes can help you manage your diabetes.

Topics covered in the session include:

  • What is diabetes and how it could affect you
  • What kind of care you should expect and how to ask for it
  • How to manage your diabetes
  • Living life with type 2 diabetes
  • Local support and information
  • Dispelling myths and more
  • Opportunity to ask questions
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How do I access this service?

The Diabetes and Nutrition Service accepts referrals from any healthcare professional for Diabetes education courses, self-referral for the Diabetes education courses can be considered. Please contact the service via the details on the right hand side of this page.

I’m a clinician – how do I make a referral to this service?

Referral information and other clinical guidance can be found on the CCG’s Remedy site:

Community Diabetes Specialists

Diabetes Structured Education

Nutrition and Dietetics

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