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Who is this service for?

This service is available to users of our services.

What we do

Our Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) Nurse Specialist gives advice on the prevention and control of health care associated infections to our service users.

We are committed to protecting the people we look after, staff, carers and visitors from the risk of avoidable health care associated infection. One of the ways in which we do this is by making sure that our staff provide care safely and follow our robust infection control policies.

We follow the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act (2008) (2015) Code of Practice for the NHS on the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections and Related Guidance.

Everyone can help stop the spread of infections by cleaning their hands properly at the right times.  Please help protect your friends and relatives:

  • Do not visit if feeling unwell with sickness, diarrhoea, fever, sore throat or flu
  • Do not visit for at least 48 hours after symptoms have stopped if you have had diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  • Do not sit on individuals beds, please use the chairs provided
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and warm water and use the hand gel provided especially after using the toilet
  • It is ok to ask staff if they have washed their hands
  • Check with staff about bringing in food items. Wrapped sweets are preferable to unwrapped
  • Talk to staff if you have concerns about the cleanliness of the ward or public areas
  • Use public toilets and remember to wash your hands
  • If in doubt ask a member of staff for advice.
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