A leg of a patient with bandages around their leg.

Who is this service for?

Anyone with a lower leg problem or concern can drop in, or ask your nurse/GP for more information.

What we do

Leg clubs provide community-based treatment, health promotion, education and on-going care for people of all age groups who are experiencing leg-related problems.

Our staff work in partnership with attendees, volunteers and the local community.

Working together we provide a high standard of care in a friendly setting that promotes understanding, peer support and informed choice.

Why is a leg club different?

They are different because they are shaped around socialising. They have four key features that are different from conventional treatment:

  • They are community-based, held in a non-medical settings
  • You are treated collectively
  • They operate on a drop-in basis (no appointments required)
  • They offer help, advice and treatment for lower leg problems.

Who treats my legs?

The clinical service is provided by our nurses and treatment room nurses. As with treatment at home or at a GP surgery we inform others and monitor your progress closely.

What are the benefits?

  • You receive your usual treatment in a setting that provides comfort and interaction
  • You can socialise with other people in a similar situation
  • Access to refreshments whilst you wait
  • The opportunity to receive hand massage and to access other social activities
  • Transport is provided by RSVP who ask for a small voluntary donation for the return journey.

How do I access this service?

Speak to your GP or community nurse if you think you would benefit from this service.

Service provided by Sirona

Leg Club

Nailsea Tithe Barn,
Church Lane,
North Somerset,
BS48 4NG

St Andrews Church Centre,
Off Old Church Road,
North Somerset,
BS21 7UE

Opening hours

Wednesday mornings, 9.00am-12.00pm


Tel: 01275 858637 / 01275 873588


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