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Our impact is a reflection on the care we provide

Our Social Value

Social Impact Report - October 2022

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Social Impact Report - July 2021

Find out how we are making a difference to our community during the pandemic, click here

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Our impact by numbers


Children in year groups reception to year seven reached through flu immunisation programme


The School Nursing team delivered virtual sessions with 100+ parents joining.


Over 125 people and their families were supported by our Health Links team between May and December 2020


Between October and December 2020 65% of people were discharged from hospital and supported to recover at home


Face to face contacts by our Community Nursing Service


We have been able to support 74 of Student Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other staff through a wide range of apprenticeships during the last year, in spite of the pandemic

Home is best


Henderson Unit

holding hands

I'm so glad for this service existing, it just gives me peace of mind that there is help if I need it

Active Ageing

We would like to thank you and your team for your fantastic responsive care over the years - it is so appreciated by me and the whole family. you provide a wonderful service

Community Matron Service

Thank you for your Team's support over the last few years. It has been a relief to know support was at hand when dad had his falls

Telecare Service

Emily was outstanding in her approach and all aspects of care. She was thorough and took care to explain everything very clearly. She was absolutely focused on the entire appointment and provided excellent information

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

It is down to your help and support that I have achieved improved blood test results, it is the best I have been in years

Diabetes Nursing Specialist Service

I have been attending the clinic for a few years & had the best of care


Helpful and friendly staff. Lovely room. Care very good and meets all my needs

Combe Lea Community Resource Centre

Thank you SO much for all your wonderful, professional care over the years! I sing your praises wherever I go

Community Matron

Thank you for your help and support, without which we couldn't have fulfilled Dad's/Grandad's wishes

Kingswood Locality District Nursing

Just wanted to say thanks so much for coming to talk to our volunteers yesterday. The feedback I got was very positive with everyone finding it informative and accessible - as well as interesting

Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Service

Thanks for help and support from Doctor which has been brilliant, made to feel comfortable and unpressured. Goes above and beyond. Having Doctor and staff at the end of the phone makes an enormous difference and really can't thank everyone enough

Community Paediatric Service

I called the number you left and spoke to Stefanie. I just wanted to let you know how helpful and empathetic she was, I could have cried. It was so nice to have someone to understand the situation. I took her advice and have gone back to the GP and they have listened. So thank you

Health Visiting Service

Good morning I just received my certificates and I am pleased to see all good. Secondly I would like to thank you and your staff, and hope I didn't bother you too much. Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Learning & Development