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Skylark rehabilitation unit

We strive to make a positive difference to the communities we serve. A great example is our Discharge to Assess initiative. This helps those in hospital who no longer need high-level care, but have on-going rehabilitation needs, to move safely and quickly to a ‘step down’ bed in the community.

Discharge to Assess is run in partnership with North Bristol NHS Trust and South Gloucestershire Council, and comprises two pathways of care. One of these is our new Skylark Rehabilitation Unit.

Skylark, which opened in February 2018, is a person-centred rehabilitation unit where we assess people upon arrival and work with them to set rehabilitation goals and identify nursing needs. We then work with them and their families/carers to outline an individualised treatment and care plan. Our staff then meet daily to discuss people’s needs and ensure we are working towards their goals, so we can get them home.

People see a member of the therapy team regularly, including in 1:1 sessions, group exercise sessions, and activities in the dining room. The therapists work closely with the nursing and support staff to ensure people keep working at their rehabilitation throughout the day. There are lots of popular activities including the breakfast club, the cycle challenge and art group.

Skylark, which has been at full capacity since shortly after its opening, delivers excellent results for the people we support. Best of all, following their stay, more people are successfully returning home to their communities.