The Human Tower or Castell

Our underpinning principle is based on the importance of co-production and empowerment. We want all our staff to work jointly with individuals, families and with partners to build up trust and confidence to support our aims of positive relationships, improved communication and information sharing. This includes joint care planning to ensure the safest and most resource efficient care.

The building of the tower starts with a firm base of interlocking bodies which creates a safety net, just as in our Integrated Care System we need a firm foundation to support our service users to reach their potential. All those involved work together to create something unique, putting faith in each other to achieve more, This the culture we want to engender in the out of hospital system.

We recognise we cannot all form human towers but we can forge more open relationships with each other as partners and with those we serve – individuals, carers, families, local communities and our staff. We are all critical to our mutual success and it is only by releasing the potential of all of us and working together to realise its synergies will we reach the heights we are seeking.

We will build on the Catalonian motto:


Clinically led, multi-agency and multi-disciplinary approach, building on the existing system strengths.


Openness, integrity and mutual respect in the way we manage and transform community services.


Brave and aspirational for local services, ready to try new approaches and quick to learn, sticking together in tough times, even when we disagree.

Common sense

Simplify and clarify systems at every opportunity, furthering the adoption and spread of best practice and making best use of our shared system resources.