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Taking it Personally

Our Values

Values we believe in

Our core value that underpins everything we do is Taking it Personally – a commitment to treat you as we would our own loved ones:

Our Taking it Personally behaviours were developed by staff for staff – our Friends and Family Test results and feedback from other surveys illustrate how they are being put into practice every day.

Courtesy & Respect
A Welcoming and positive attitude

Warm, friendly and interested in you

Value and respect you as an individual

So people feel WELCOME

Caring & Supportive
Attentive, responsive and take time to help

Take responsibility for our own actions

Mindful of privacy and dignity

So people feel SUPPORTED

Effective Communication
Listen to people and answer their questions

Keep people clearly informed

Involve people

So people feel VALUED

Effective & Professional
Safe, knowledgable and reassuring

Effective care/responses from joined up teams

Organised and timely, looking to improve

So people feel SAFE

Discover what Taking it Personally means to our staff