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Behaviour and emotions – getting support

Behaviour and emotions – getting support


Life can be challenging and we can often find ourselves responding in ways that feel at odds with how we want to manage our emotions.

If you are a parent or young person and you feel concerned about your child’s behaviour or behaviour patterns in your family, please speak to your school teacher, early years setting keyworker, GP, health visitor, school nurse, social worker or early help co-ordinator.

There is a range of support for parents that can be offered to help you understand your child or teenager’s behaviour and how you can respond in an effective and supportive way. If you are a young person there is lots of help to explore your own feelings and how that might be impacting your behaviour at home or in school. A discussion with a professional will help you work out the best way to get support for yourself and your family.

If there is a severe, complex and enduring concern which is difficult to resolve, your professional will ask your permission to discuss this with a specialist in child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) to either receive advice on how best to support you, or whether support from the CAMH service is relevant

Parenting. Give it time has practical tips and guidance for your parenting challenges.

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