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Leaflet: Conjunctivitis

What is conjunctivitis?

It is an inflammation of the outer surface of the eyeball, the conjunctiva.

What are the causes?

It commonly results from an infection or an allergy. Infective conjunctivitis may be due to virus or bacteria and is often associated with colds or sore throats.

Allergic conjunctivitis is most commonly seen in the spring or summer associated with hayfever.

What treatment will I need?

This will depend on the type of conjunctivitis you have:

• Bacterial conjunctivitis – this responds very quickly to antibiotic drops and should resolve in four to five days

• Viral conjunctivitis – Unfortunately, there are no anti-viral drops or ointment to cure viral infections. The infection will usually resolve on its own, but it may take two or three weeks. Antibiotic drops are given to protect the eye from other bacterial infections.

Allergic conjunctivitis – this may respond readily to anti-allergy tablets but may require more long term specific treatment.

Can the conjunctivitis spread to other people?

Yes, but only if they come directly into contact with either the tears or discharge from your eyes.

Therefore, you should not let anyone use your flannel or towel and try to use paper tissues and dispose of these carefully.

Remember always wash your hands after touching your face or putting the eye drops in.

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