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Leaflet: Diabetes Specialist Nurse Service – Information about your appointment

Your referral

Your doctor (or healthcare professional) has identified that your diabetes needs a specialist  assessment. You have been referred into the diabetes specialist nurse team to see if we can deal with your diabetes management without you needing to wait to see a consultant at the hospital.

Your referral has been received and we would like to offer you an appointment (see enclosed).

The diabetes specialist nurse service aims to give you quicker access to the most appropriate care for your diabetes.

Who will assess me?

You will be assessed by an experienced diabetes nurse with specialist training and expertise in the treatment and management of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

If your treatment needs to be changed the nurse can give you a prescription (or ask your doctor to give you a prescription). We will let your doctor know about your new treatment and this will be added to your repeat prescription items.

We may need to stop some of the treatments you are on to start a new treatment, we will also inform your doctor if this happens.

Your appointment

At your first appointment you will be asked briefly about any medical history or conditions that may affect your ability to manage your diabetes.

You will be asked about your current medications (not just diabetes ones) so it is useful to bring along this information if you have it.

You will be given the opportunity to discuss in more detail your diabetes, how you manage it on a day to day basis, how you are feeling at the moment and what (if any) concerns you have.

It is important that you use this appointment to ask questions and find out the information you need to manage your condition. Sometimes it helps to write down your questions before you attend your appointment.

Please bring any blood glucose monitoring equipment and/or insulin injection devices to your appointment.

We encourage you to bring someone with you for support, however children are not allowed into the consultation.

What happens afterwards

After your appointment there are several options:

  • You may be offered another appointment with the diabetes specialist nurse (DSN) or another member of the team
  • You may be asked to attend you GP surgery for the on-going monitoring of your diabetes
  • You may be asked to attend your GP surgery for further blood tests
  • You may be offered some small group diabetes sessions to help you understand and manage your condition better
  • If the diabetes specialist nurse feels you need to see the diabetes consultant at the hospital, a referral will be sent and your GP informed

Please note

Appointments with the diabetes specialist nurse will be offered in a location as close to where you live as possible but this is dependent on the facilities available.

If you would like to learn more about managing your diabetes or to see what is available in your area, please ask the diabetes nurse at your appointment.

If you need to change or cancel the appointment, please contact the Diabetes Service on: 01225 831327

If you fail to attend any of your appointments without prior notice you will be discharged.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances patients are requested to provide at least 24 hours notice.

Patients arriving late will be seen at the discretion of the nurse or given a new appointment.

This leaflet can be provided in other formats and languages, please contact us for more information.

Date of creation: 12/2015
Date of review: 12/2017
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