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Budding artist raises £600 for North Somerset Community Hospital

By 13th July 2020July 15th, 2020No Comments

North Somerset Community Hospital has been presented with a cheque for £600 thanks to the creative efforts of a budding young artist.

Early in the Coronavirus pandemic Lottie and her mum, Cathie, began painting rocks with messages of hope and left them around Clevedon for people to find.

Lottie, an avid artist, posted a photograph online of a rock she had painted featuring Clevedon’s famous pier. She soon received many requests from people interested in purchasing one and the idea to paint more and sell them to raise money for the local hospital was born.Word spread and as people tried to locate Lottie to buy a rock, her school, St Nicholas’ Chantry, became an unofficial agent linking Lottie’s mum with potential customers. Members of Clevedon Golf Club joined in the fundraising efforts too, selling rocks to members and visitors. Lottie painted a total of 80 rocks, all of which were kindly sourced by Lottie’s grandad, a landscape gardener, with purchases being made as far afield as Switzerland.

David Fife, Chair of the Friends of North Somerset Community Hospital, was delighted to accept a cheque for £600 which has been earmarked, in agreement with Lottie, to redecorate the children’s assessment room at the hospital’s Minor Injury Unit run by Sirona care & health.

David said: “I was delighted to receive the cheque and even more delighted to see the sense of community that this project has shown.

“The rocks are wonderful and have spread joy and knowing this will help create a better environment for children who visit the Minor Injury Unit is wonderful. Thank you Lottie.”

Matt Croughan, Same Day Urgent Care and Minor Injury Unit Operational Manager said: “We are delighted with the kind donation to our children’s assessment room. The Minor Injury Unit sees around 4500 children each year and having a warm and inviting room for them to feel relaxed in whilst being treated is essential.

“Lottie’s project first came to our attention when a beautiful hope rock was left at the door of the Minor Injury Unit. Since then Lottie has also given us a lovely rock painted with a picture of Clevedon Pier to compliment this and both sit at the entrance to the Minor Injury Unit and Outpatients Department.

“We are extremely grateful to Lottie and everyone involved.”

Lottie’s mum, Cathie, said: “I am so proud of Lottie for her achievement.

“What started as a way to spread love and hope during an extremely difficult time evolved in to a way support our local hospital and I am delighted with the impact the project has had.

“I am so pleased Lottie’s hard work will help North Somerset Community Hospital. We are looking forward to seeing how the money is used to enhance the children’s assessment unit at the hospital.

“We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported Lottie’s home schooling art project including Popsie (Lottie’s grandad) for his efforts in providing us with suitable rocks to paint, the office staff at Lottie’s school for helping handle the many enquiries we had about purchasing rocks and members of Clevedon Golf Club who have kindly supported us too.”