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Sirona care & health publishes innovative QR posters giving vital information and reducing carbon footprint

By 12th May 2023No Comments

Sirona care & health is rolling out a set of QR posters – an innovative new way of providing people with medical information that’s better for people and the environment.

The posters, which are displayed in Sirona’s Urgent Care Centre and Minor Injury Units across Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire, display a series of QR codes, each of which takes users to their chosen medical leaflet online. This helps Sirona reduce paper use, as well as cutting supply chain contributors such as the costs and carbon emissions associated with transporting physical leaflets. It also improves Sirona’s accessibility as the digital leaflets can be used with screen readers and other such assistive technology. Printed leaflets remain available for those with difficulty using or accessing smartphones.

The leaflets contain specific, expert advice on topics such as conjunctivitis, back injuries, insect bites and stings, and using crutches. They are available online here.

Matt Croughan, Same Day Urgent Care and Minor Injury Unit Operational Manager at North Somerset Community Hospital, said: “This innovation has been a hit with people in our care, particularly younger generations, who appreciate being able to access relevant, accurate medical information in the palms of their hands.

“It means we’ve not had to order any leaflets in months – but given we ensure physical copies remain available, we can be sure we are more inclusive than ever, giving people information in the way that suits them best.”

They form just one part of Sirona’s green plan, with which we are aiming to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Other actions we’ve already implemented include moving some sites we manage to fully renewable energy sources and installing electric vehicle charging points.

Sirona’s Energy and Sustainability Lead, Kelly Scott, said: “This project shows how innovation and forward thinking helps both our communities and our environment. People who need to visit our Minor Injury Units or Urgent Treatment Centre can access medical information about their injury or illness wherever and whenever they like, all while we save paper, reduce waste, conserve money, and cut down on cutting down trees!”

Sirona’s Chief Financial Officer, Clive Bassett, who oversees Sirona’s estates and sustainability strategy, said: “These posters are a small way of reducing our carbon footprint as we work to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Across the organisation, colleagues continue to reduce our impact on the environment – from draught-proofing and insulating our sites to utilising remote appointments where appropriate to limit our car use – and we hope people visiting our sites will join us to sustainably achieve improved outcomes for all.”