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King Charles’ coronation brings royal cheer to people in Sirona care & health rehabilitation units

By 9th May 2023May 24th, 2023No Comments

Our staff this weekend helped people in its rehabilitation units enjoy some royal cheer to celebrate the King’s coronation. 

Colleagues across Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire ensured nobody missed the festivities, helping individuals to hang out the bunting, blow up the balloons, and display the wreaths. 

“Our rehab units have had a wonderful weekend, with staff, people they look after, and their families coming together to celebrate the coronation of King Charles,” said Nikki Woodland, our Head of Clinical Quality for Inpatient Rehabilitation Units. “Colleagues enjoyed the chance to watch the ceremony with the people they look after, and it was lovely to see the enjoyment and smiles on everyone’s faces. 

“Everyone appreciated the opportunity to welcome our new King to the throne and to get together for a day of happiness and community. All the rehab units have offered a wide range of activities in the run up to the day itself. We made wreaths, decorated walking aids with paper chains, and even played royal bingo. 

“It has also been a wonderful opportunity for the teams to hear people reminisce about Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and their lives. The whole weekend was truly exceptional, and I’m glad we all got to celebrate it together.” 

Alex Young, Rehabilitation Lead at South Bristol Community Hospital, said: “Seeing everyone share their memories of the Queen’s coronation as we watched King Charles take the crown was a heart-warming experience for both staff and patients alike, and one I know we won’t forget in a hurry. Plus it was a handy reason to devour a delicious afternoon tea!” 

Funding for the celebrations was provided by the Sirona Foundation, a charitable company established to support the health and wellbeing of communities, especially in areas served by Sirona. 

Sirona runs the rehabilitation units at South Bristol Community Hospital in Hengrove and North Somerset Community Hospital in Clevedon, the Skylark unit at the Meadows care home in Yate, and the Henderson Unit at the Grace Care Centre in Thornbury. These are units where our teams provide intensive rehabilitation to people who either: 

  • require intensive therapy before returning home following a hospital stay due to ongoing rehabilitation and care needs, or 
  • are struggling in their own homes due to a reduction in mobility or function and require a short period of intensive rehabilitation. This helps prevent admissions into hospital.